Accel  Preempt CS20  1L
ACCEL Accel Preempt CS20 1L $43.98
Accel Preempt CS20 1L • 7% Hydrogen Peroxide • 20 Minute chemical sterilant • Highlevel disinfectant • Sterilizes professional tools • Health Canada Approved
Accel  Preempt Wipes
ACCEL Accel Preempt Wipes $39.98
Accel Preempt Wipes • One step surface cleaner • High level disinfectant • Use on table tops, salon chairs, beds, etc • 160 sheets per canister • Health Canada approved
Amrack  Face Mask Bracket
Amrack Amrack Face Mask Bracket $20.00
Amrack Face Mask Bracket • Use underneath fabric or disposable face mask • Gently lifts the face mask away from mouth and nose • breathe easier • speak more clearly and easily • helps keep makeup and lipstick from smudging • reduces friction between mask material and face • Made of medical grade soft, pliable thermoplastic elastomer • fits comfortable over the nose and mouth • same material used in respiratory industry – approved and safe for human skin contact • latex and pvc free • 100% recyclable • Lightweight for comfortable extended use • Washable and reusable – wash with warm water and soap • Each individually packed in clear ziploc bag