Tressa  Wave Neutralizer  473ml
Tressa Tressa Wave Neutralizer 473ml $20.00
Tressa Wave Neutralizer 473ml Tessa Professional revolutionized the industry with is Patented Triple Bond Neutralizer by being the first and only neutralizer to re bond the Disulfide, Hydrogen and Salt bonds after a Wave service. Allowing the hair to be shampooed or additional color service immediately following a Wave Service.
Tressa Quenching Conditioner Ltr
Tressa Tressa Quenching Conditioner Ltr $43.20
- For Dry Hair & Scalp - Infuses hair with deep penetrating moisturizers to heal dry hair and scalp - Perfect for coarse, dry or unruly hair; the answer for moisture-deprived hair - Available in 13.5oz & liter sizes
Tressa Replenishing Conditioner Ltr
Tressa Tressa Replenishing Conditioner Ltr $43.20
- For Color Treated Hair - Restores healthy shine and condition to color-treated and waved hair - Sunflower seed extract protects color from fading - Available in 13.5oz & liter sizes